Not making money with your blog?

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If you are not making money with your blog, there can be many reasons

not making money with your blog

You started the blog, thinking now you are going to sit back, relax and the money is going to start rolling in, but the opposite is happening - which is absolutely nothing - you are not making money with your blog!

Let's take a look at some of the reasons that you are not making money with your blog and be sure to read the following post only for those who are not making money with their blog.

How long ago did you start your blog

Maybe you started your blog a month ago, you are still trying to figure out how things work and you have not posted many articles.

Naturally you will not be seeing allot of traffic, because the way your blog get's recognized by the search engines is through the articles you write.

If you are online for such a small period of time, I will say that you have an advantage for reading this post right now, use the tips and you can grow your blog quickly.

But...... it your blog has been going on for quite some time (over a year) and you are not making money yet, take a look at the following articles to see some of the reasons why you are not making money with your blog.

Struggling to set up your blog

If you are still struggling to understand the basics and setting up your blog, I would suggest you read this article: how to become a web developer expert.

But instead of typing web developer into the search field as described in the article, you type in WordPress. Look at the bottom of that post, there I also explain to you how to learn some things for free.

Writing articles

You need to write articles that are unique. Only copying and pasting PLR articles won't work.

WHY?: Because if you copy and paste PLR articles and the next 50 guys are doing the same, all 50 will be indexed under exactly the same search query.

If you are using PLR articles you must only use them as a guide if you are struggling to write.

If you need help with writing articles, I would suggest you follow Enchanting marketing, Copy Blogger and Boost blog traffic.

Stop thinking of making money with your blog

If you are concentrating on making money with your blog, you are trying every way to promote any items you can find to promote in any affiliate marketing site.

Does this sentence sound complicated, let's break it down:

Stop concentrating on making money

The World Wide Web is for people searching for information. What must you do? It is your job to give them that information - if your blog is about games, you must regularly write about new games that comes out. Game cheats, game information on how to play certain games, etc.

Get the picture? You must really have a passion for the thing you are writing about. You must actually live what you are promoting and writing about - that is the only way you will have the skills and understanding to be able to write out of your heart.

Promoting any items

If you regularly promote items that you haven't tried just to make money from them, people will stop following you.

Why? Because you haven't tried them, how do you know if they are any good?

Out of personal experience I can testify of that. I followed a website, signed up for emails and regularly followed their articles. Until one day, they promoted an item to me. I really thought that this item was good and I bought it - only to find out that it was one of those make money online scheemy products that you get so many of. I immediately asked for a refund and cancelled my email subscription. - This is what will happen if you sell bad stuff to your customers.

This is your business - treat is as a business owner treats his customers.

Spend money to make money

Although there are are many ways to make money with your blog, like you will read in this awesome article:

60+ ways to make money on or with your blog

you must remember that this is your business and as an offline business has overheads, so will this one.

The best way to build your online presence to buy your own domain name. If you are looking for the most affordable domain names, I would suggest This domain name should preferably have the name built in which you are writing about like for instance in the GAMES niche I mentioned earlier. Something like,,,,, etc. If the name GAME (as in this example) is in your domain name, chances of you showing up in search engines when someone looks for information about GAMES are better.

If you need help thinking of domain names in a certain niche, you can send me an email at with the information about what your site will be about (your niche) and I will send you many domain names that can help you choose. I will not be checking for availability of these names, but that you do at namecheap when you buy the name. That is why I will send you allot of names so that you can first choose which one will suit you and your idea of your site best and then to check for availability. You must have a choice of many names so that you can try to find one that will fit and be available. (I prefer to use my gmail address, because I don't get spam mail there, it gets filtered and I only see the real mail)

Your domain name is the "name of your shop."

Why .com

.com is international. If you buy a it is for South Africa, .nz for New Zealand and so on every {dot}.something stands for something. It is just better to buy a .com - but the choice is yours.

Web hosting

When you bought your domain name, you must have hosting for it, otherwise your domain name will just be the name.

You must "rent your shop premises". You must get a host where your Website gets hosted so that you can "run your shop" online.

As I have mentioned so many times before, I use D9 hosting. I love them and they make my online business experience so much better.

But you can also use WordPress engine for a fabulous online webhost.
Power Your Brand With The Four Ss Of Managed WordPress Hosting

When buying hosting there are many factors to look at, with the D9 hosting package you can host all your different Websites in one place. Let's say you have another domain name like in the fashion niche, which you also bought, you host it there too at no extra cost.

Sadly, when you buy hosting, the smallest package you can take is quarterly, so you must be prepared to pay your installment every 4 months and you must start with the installment of 4 months as well as pay for the setup fee. If you take a bigger package for 12 months, you get a free domain name.

Although you can use free blog sites, like Blogger and wordpress, paid ones are still indexed by search engines more often. I would suggest if you don't have money right now to spend on your "rent" for your shop or just to practice to see if this making money online thing will work for you to test blogger or wordpress, but know that in the future it will be better to buy your domain name and hosting.

Not working hard enough can cause not making money with your blog

Like I mentioned earlier, you can't setup a site and think now the money will start rolling in.

There is allot to learn and I can promise you when the learning stage is over, you will have more time to concentrate on writing articles, but being lazy will not get you anywhere.

As anything in life, you have to work for what you want. You have to study the ins and outs of what you are doing and give your best.

If you have an actual business on a business premises, you also have to do that, customers don't just show up, that is why you need advertising.


The same as with an offline business, you must advertise to get people to visit your shop. This same principle applies when you are working online - if not more.

Offline your shop is right there, in the mall - people walk past and they see the products in the shop's window and decide to take a look at what you are selling.

Online, they don't "walk past"  if the search engines does not pick you up, so you have other ways of advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google adsense to name but a few.

Advertising with no money

When you don't have money to spend on advertising, Facebook and Twitter can be helpful without paying for advertising, but your growth will be slower. If you need help in setting up your business' Facebook page or even advertising and promoting on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (at minimal cost), I would suggest following Social media examiner.

Not doing research can cause not making money with your blog

Your keywords is the most important part of your domain name, domain description and articles.

If you need help with keywords, the best is to sign up for Keyword spy - they might be a bit pricey, but the good news is that you can sign up for a free trial. This gives you 2000 queries for free.
Access The Biggest And Most Powerful Keyword Database

After you signed up, watch the videos which you find when you click on Research and the first item that appears under the dropdown (Research Home) - they explain everything to you there.

keyword spy

If you haven't started a website yet, you can use Keyword spy to see if the niche you are interested in is REALLY worth your effort - if there is not too much competition.

Not putting up videos

Sadly, I have to say I'm guilty of this one. Videos draw more attention to your blog or website. (It's like free advertising)

Why? Because I've put up videos a long time ago and could not handle the negative comments that came in as soon as the video went viral. I will again sometime put up videos, because I've grown allot since then and learned that those negative comments are from people who have low self esteem and they only want to hurt those they see grow. (and in the end they are only hurting themselves)

(If you also have issues, struggling with this, I would say you must sign up for the emails in my change your life campaign.)

If you look at the most popular sites in your niche, you will see that they put up videos regularly.

I bought the AVS4YOU package. It is easy to use and you can do so much with your videos. You can do a free trial, but the AVS4YOU logo will be inside your video until you buy.

According to me this is the best video editing site there is, but if you know of a better one, feel free to mention it in the comments.

I just can't leave a post about making money online without Ramsey

If you are not one of Ramsey's subscribers at Blog Tyrant, I would suggest you subscribe. You won't regret it. I read each and every post he writes, because it is worth the time and effort! Like his latest post:

How to turn your blog into an unstopable sales machine

Why I write about making money online

When I initially started out, I didn't think that I would be writing about making money online, but because I have been cheated so many times when I started searching "how to make money online", I decided to start writing about this to prevent other people from being cheated in the same way.

That is the only reason I write about this and actually most of the articles published on my site is not linked to affiliated sites, but to sites that will help you.

These are only a few reasons why you are not making money with your blog

As big as the world wide web is, so many reasons are there why you might not be making money with your blog, so these are only a few of the biggest reasons.

Feel free to share your thoughts

If you know of another big reason why people are not making money with their blogs, feel free to share in the comments below. Everyone will appreciate it.

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