Only for those who never made money blogging

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Have you never made money blogging?

First some questions:

1.  Do you have a paid website or blog?


By this I mean a blog that is not blogger or free wordpress. You are paying for your domain name and your hosting with one of the following companies:


If you have your own domain and hosting and you have never made any money with your blog, this post is for you. I know how dissapointing it can be not to make one cent with your blog and the reason you started it in the first place is because you need money - of course.

2. Do you have a Paypal account?

For you to get paid, you must have a paypal account.

3. Do you have time?

Do you have time to write blog posts and share it on social media?

Do you have time to fill in a quick survey?

What will you be asked in the survey?

Most of the questions of the survey is straight forward, but you must have the above mentioned (self hosted account and paypal account) to be able to do the survey.

You must also be able to tell them what your blog is about, in other words what is it that you write about. They will ask you to mark the topics on which you write for them to be able to allocate the correct blogger opportunities to you.

How can you make money blogging?

Most bloggers won't share this with you, but as I mentioned, I know exactly how it feels not to make one cent blogging. You work untill the early hours of the morning and you try your best to get your blog to start generating income, but you just don't get there.

That is why I am sharing this with you.

Click on the link below and sign up for the eAccountable blogger opportunity. If you do the survey, you will get $5 already, just for doing the survey.

eAccountable blogger opportunity

Congratulations, if you signed up, you are on your way to making your first money and from now on, I believe that you can have more faith in making money online.

For you to get further in you money making adventure, get the book Bigger Blogging profits  - it's FREE!!

domain names

Was this post only for those who never made money blogging helpful?

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