Procedures to follow to start homeschooling in South Africa

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In any country, there are procedures to follow to start homeschooling, the same applies to South Africa

First of all - this is not a decision to be taken lightly - sit back, relax and READ. You ARE going to be in front of your computer for a long time now if you really take homeschooling seriously.

As more and more parents are starting to consider homeschooling in South Africa, there are more and more movement on the homeschooling front than ever before.

This naturally leads to allot of questions to consider, because you want to be sure of your and your children's rights before you start off on you homeschool journey.

Questions about procedures to follow to start homeschooling in South Africa

The first question you have in mind if you want to start homeschooling is naturally whether it is legal to homeschool in South Africa?

Yes, Yes and once again yes. Despite the fact that it always looks like the South African Government is against homeschooling, it is legal.

I found the most awesome website that explains everything. All the questions you could ever ask about homeschooling, they answered. Click on the link below to find them:

South African homeschool curriculum

Anything I could want to tell you at this point is already covered in this website and if I mention it, it will look like I copied it from them, so rather visit them.

The second question is very important, what do you have to do to protect yourself legally?

If you have not done so yet, be sure to join Pestalozzi Trust, it will be to your own advantage. But if you are using Impak, you don't need to, because they are already integrated into the package. If you want to find out more about Pestalozzi trust, read this post.

The third question if you want to start homeschooling in South Africa is where do I start?

  1. Contact Pestalozzi Trust, apply to have you and your child protected.
  2. If you feel you must urgently take your child out of school, go to the School's office and ask for a transfer letter. They will ask you to what school and you can tell them to Homeschooling. This will shock them (maybe it happens so often now that they won't be shocked anymore) and you will have to make an appointment with the principal. If they do not want to give you a tranfer letter, you can contact Pestalozzi Trust (if you joined them) and they will talk to the principal.
  3. It depends on where your child is at this stage, Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 2........Gr 9, but you can look at the following options:

We use Kenweb, but be warned, they only go up to Grade 9. Thereafter you have to look for something else. In my eyes, this is an awesome program to follow, because you have all your evidence that your child is studying. You buy the books and print them (using allot of paper and toner, but still cheaper than other books). The program to follow is HARD WORK, for you and your child, but this for me is great - I love teaching them that hard work gets results 😉

Visit Love2Learn and Impak and through them, your child can have matric.

Visit Discover math & science courses on Udemy! The advantage of Udemy is that your child can study their line of interest on any subject imaginable, already lining up for the career they want to follow. Let's say for instance, your child wants to be an interior decorator, they can study that and the courses are affordable.

Go to Cambridge international and take a look at what they have to offer.

At Book depository you will find books for your children to read as well as books on education under teaching resources & education.

Positive Parenting Solutions can help with behaving issues, if you already have problems with behaviour, homeschooling will be a challenge.

Also see this article about math games.

At Craftsy you can find things to teach them  how to work with their hands, like these Top Trending Free Paper Crafts Templates

You can also visit the following link: Agnitus Supports Homeschooling Parents - Click Here to Learn with!

All-about-learning helps you teach spelling and reading. You can also get great free teaching tips from them, see the banner below.

You can also visit See the Light for art classes, see art class banner at the bottom of this page.

Visit Essential Skills Advantage for a free reading, language and grammar program for Gr K (Kindergarden) - Gr 6.

ABC Mouse for reading, math, science, art & colors and music for kids aged 2-7.

You can also visit Zane Education for video based learning programs.

Footprints on our land can also answer some questions.

Also join Association for homeschooling to stay up to date with the latest news on what is going on with homeschooling in South Africa.

Some banners again, just in case you missed them with this massive amount of information you had to digest now.

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First of all, because you are considering homeschooling, best decision I've ever made.

Sencondly, if you made it up to this point of this article, you are a go-getter, do-setter and someone who doesn't give up easily, you WILL BE SUCCESSFULL IN HOMESCHOOLING THOSE KIDS OF YOURS YOU LOVE SO MUCH!

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