How to protect grandparent’s things from getting lost

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If your parents are grandparents, you will know that they sometimes forget where they put something, but if you learn how to protect grandparent's things from getting lost, you can save them and yourself allot of trouble

That is why I am thrilled to bring you this great news!!

In my previous post: how safe is your cupboard from mite, if you read it, you made contact with Mabel's Labels. This is the most awesome labeling company I have ever seen and besides the fact that you can mark the things your kids might loose when they go on a trip with friends, expensive school supplies or whatever you want to mark, they now have the Senior labels.

More than just labels for kids, Mabel's Labels is now making it easier than ever for the elderly in your life to keep track of their belongings. New Senior Labels are customizable nursing home labels that are perfect for your loved ones clothes, shoes, slippers, eyeglasses and more. Super durable and easy to apply, just peel and stick to keep everything coming back to your loved ones' room. The Seniors Combo comes in a pack of 40 labels for just $16.99 and is available in a classic and simple style. For more details on these labels, visit:

Plus, now through 11/30, when you spend $100+ with Mabel's Labels you will receive an offer for a free subscription to Today’s Parent. Happy Labeling!

We all love our parents, who are also the grandparents of our children and we don't like it when they loose their most important things because they cannot remember where they left it, this is why it is important for us to know how to protect grandparent's things from getting lost.

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