How safe is your cupboard from mite?

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Mite love our food cupboards, so how safe is your cupboard from mite?

How do you know you have mite in your food cupboards?

  • The clearest indication is that you have little spider webs in your dry food. I have seen some of these little critters, but don't have a picture for you, they are very small and hide very well.
  • You can also keep this in mind when you go shopping, if you look at the sides of the packaging and you see little "spider webs", don't buy it, it does not probably have mite - it definitely has mite.
  • They love wheat products, like oats, whole wheat, maize meal, flour, etc.

    mite picture wholewheat

    Mite inside whole wheat products

mite in oats

  • If you found mite in one of the products in your cupboard, if the other products are not safe, then chances are that they have mite in as well.
  • The worst is, if have to throw all the products that have mite in away - some people suggest you sift it, but personally I won't eat food that I know had little insects in.
  • You might see little moths in your cupboard or inside the boxes. They are brownish and have long wings and in my opinion, I am not sure if they can fly. If someone knows, we won't mind you telling us.

How to protect your cupboard from mite:

  • The first thing you need to do is to put all your wheat products in sealed containers
  • Most of the time the mite breeds inside the wheat products by themselves, it is as if they grow out of the wheat. I don't want to put you off of wheat products, this is just to inform you that you shouldn't think that maybe your cupboards are dirty.
  • If they are inside one product, they quickly start to migrate to other products through the openings in the boxes - this is why putting your dry wheat products in containers will not let them get to your other food.
  • Some of the products you can put in the fridge, apparently the mite does not like the cold
protect from mite with sealed containers

Sealed containers not only protects food from mite, but looks neat too

don't leave boxes as they are in cupboards

Sealed containers looks better than in the boxes, don't leave boxes open in cupboards

But now you have another problem when you put your products in the neat containers:

  • Today you still know what is in there, and tomorrow and the day after, but what about next week?
  • We don't have time to open each container and search for our oats porridge
  • Although your containers might be see through, some things looks the same through the container.


You guessed it, now you need to label your containers and the best place to find those labels are at Mabel's Labels

The bonus is, while you are there, you might just as well look at the kids labels as well, because we know that kids don't like to share - especially if they are a boy and girl.

And we also know that they loose stuff, so if they are in a public school, they loose jerseys, jackets, lunch boxes and stationery (to name but a few)

and the best news of all is you get a bonus subscription to Today's Parent.

I hope that your question how safe is your cupboard from mite was answered in this post. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. if you have anything to add, please do not hesitate to do so either, we will welcome any comments that will help us keep our cupboards free from mite.

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