Are you safe online?

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If there is one thing that is a fact, it is that everybody uses the internet in some way or another, but are you safe online?

safe online

These days everybody has some business online, whether it is buying things through e-bay, selling things on gumtree, using Facebook, blogging or having a website for your business.

But the big question is, how safe are you while you are working online?

As you might know, this is a WordPress site which works with articles and blogging and with me working online allot of time, I know that there are allot of sly people out there who are scheming, spamming and scamming. What they get out of it, I don't know, all I do know is that when you are online, you are visible to these people and they love targeting you.

Why I know this is because I have Wordfence and have had a few times where some people tried to log into my site. Again, what they would like to do when they get in here, I don't know, but luckily Wordfence blocks them. (If you have a WordPress site - you must have Wordfence - it is a FREE Plugin - just download and follow their guidelines - read all the information, it is very important)

The other security measure you must consider is to get pure VPN. They protect your privacy while you are working online. They have downloads for MAC, WINDOWS, ANDROID AND IPHONE. You are sure to work on one of these and need to be protected. Even when you work through a Wi-Fi network, you are vulnerable.

Be sure to click the link below and you can go to their "BLOG" where you can see exactly how vulnerable you are and how dangerous it can be to work on the internet.
PureVPN - Internet Privacy is our PriorityOne thing is sure, the internet is here to stay - then rather be sure that you are protected and safe from hackers. From as low as $5.83 per month, there is no doubt that this is not just affordable, but also a must. This is if you take the 12 month plan, see plans below. If you are in another country, you don't have to worry, they are sure to have you covered, go ahead and have a look.

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Included in this post by Linda Pretorius on about "how safe are you online?" are affiliate links, but don't worry, that does not mean that you are paying more, it just means that if you do realize that you cannot go without this protection and take this great offer, I will get a small commission for introducing you to it. This commission will help pay for this site that is not free to run, so I would like to thank you in advance and please be sure to read the disclosure policy.

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Some of the links may be affiliate links. This does not mean that you pay more for the product, it means I get a small commission which goes towards keeping this site up and running - THANK YOU!
It is safer to click on links, because then you know you are going to the right site.

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