Sculpt muscles and achieve a stunning physique

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How to Sculpt Muscles and Achieve a Stunning Physique

Are you exercising regularly? Do you get tired of it or are you still enjoying your exercise regime?

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Exercising should be a habit and not a punishment. If you think exercise is a punishment, maybe it's not for you.

Sound a bit strict? Well, it might be time to face the facts. Exercising is fun and you must either change your mind about it, or just let it go.

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Self Help

Athletes often endure daily hard work while having set goals in mind.

For a while, you might be able to work toward reaching goals, but you must look out for some common mistakes:

When starting workouts

When starting workouts, it is very important that you start with warm ups and stretches.

If you jump into a full body workout without warming up or stretching, the only result will be injury.

When you start working out, don't think of your workout routines as a job or work, because it's NOT.

Rather think of it as fun and challenging.

Once you finish your warm ups and stretches, break off into a full body workout routine.

Try to keep the pace steady as you move along.

Don't start lifting weights immediately when you step into the gym, although many people might take warm ups and stretches for granted or feel it's a waste of time, it prepares your muscles for growth.

Believe this, if you want to achieve stunning physique, you have to live and learn - set balance and live and learn some more.

Stretch workouts

There are lots of exercises available, with the internet at your fingertips, you pin warm up exercises and follow your pins.

The best is to start from the top (your head) and work your way through to the bottom.

stretching exercise
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stretching before starting exercise
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Various types of stretching exercises:

  • strengthen tummy muscles
  • strengthen sides
  • strengthen lover and upper back
  • strengthen thighs
  • strengthen arms - include arm swing workouts

Once you've completed stretches

Once your warm ups and stretches are complete, you can move into a full body workout gradually.

If you only recently started exercising (especially serious muscle building) try to keep to exercises you can do.

Choose the weights that best fits what you are currently able to handle and do more reps (repetitions), rather than going for the heavy weights immediately.

It's better to build muscle gradually than to tear your muscles and then you have to rest until they are well.

Doing just regular exercises?

Keep a schedule:

Keeping a schedule, writing down how much of which exercise you are doing and adding any new exercises, will help you keep up.

You must read this article on max workouts - it shares common mistakes to avoid.

Read this article on how to build your own workout routine.

Just starting out, read the 4 week beginners workout routine.

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