Are your shoes harming your health?

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As woman, we love wearing high heels and I am sure all woman will agree that high heels looks sexy and gives you more self confidence, but the question we have to ask ourselves is:


Are your shoes harming your health?


 A little bit of my own foot-history:

When I was small, I had this pair of beautiful shiny flat shoes with a bow in the front. (By the way, they are back in fashion and I've got a new pair that looks exactly like those did). I loved those shoes so much that I did not want to get rid of them when they started to fit too tightly. Eventually my mother had to "let them disappear", because I did not want to stop wearing them.

But when she finally decided to let them disappear - they already did their harm. The bone in the back of my foot moved and it looked like I had a huge bump at the back of my feet. (both feet)

My mother took me to the doctor to find out what will help to take this away. The doctor said that the damage was done and it will never go away by itself, I would have to get an operation, but this too could not be done until allot later in my life, because I was still growing.

He did also mention that over the years, it might go away by itself. I don't know if I am one of the lucky ones, or if it was just to scare me that he said about the operation, but I did outgrow it. In my twenties this started disappearing by itself, bit by bit.

So the good news is, I never had to go for an operation. Maybe I was lucky and maybe this is normal, but the most important lesson I've learned is that you must NEVER WEAR SHOES THAT ARE TOO SMALL FOR YOU, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM!!


How to wear high heels:


Wearing high heels puts extra strain on your spine and the muscles that support the lower back, so it is important to walk correctly in heels to cut down the possibility of hurting yourself.


Firstly never wear heels that are too high for your own walking capability and balance. A good way to select your heel height:


  • put the heels on, stand straight and then lift as high up on your toes as you can.
  • If the backs of your heels don't lift at least one centimeter off the floor
  • - they're not for you


How to walk properly:

  • stand up straight, hold your head up high, shoulders back and walk in a straight line
  • let your hips roll naturally
  • with each step, place your heel on the ground first and then the ball of your foot and finally your toes.


Are your shoes harming your health?


I am sure that most woman will agree with me when I say it is well known that wearing high heels can give you added height and the confidence to go with it.


Unfortunately it can also lead to foot problems. Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell are not only famous celebs, but sadly they are also known to have the world's ugliest feet, scarred by bunions and corns from years of wearing inappropriate footwear.

80% of women have foot problems and many of them are preventable. Here are the most frequent foot complaints and how to treat them:

Corns & Callouses:


Corns and callouses are very common and are caused when skin thickens to protect itself after repetitive pressure.

This often happens with footwear that is too tight or narrow, causing the toes to be continually chafed. If left untreated the corns will become painful and after a while an ulcer can develop.


A podiatrist will be able to treat the corn to make sure it doesn't become a recurring problem. Don't try bathroom surgery - you could start a bad infection. Switch to shoes that fit properly and keep your skin in a good condition.


Also always keep your feet clean, cool and dry in closed shoes.


Remember - remove the cause of the pressure and you'll have twinkle toes.



A bunion is a bony lump that develops at the base of the big toe and can be so painful that it affects walking. Narrow and high-heeled shoes, worn constantly, put extra strain on the bones and muscles of your feet, pushing the toes together and forcing the big toe to veer over towards the others.


Once a bunion develops you can't reverse the condition by yourself and if it gets very bad you will need surgery to correct it.


Use soft insoles as shock absorbers to help make your feet more comfortable and easy the bunion if it is not too severe.


Alternate high and low heels and choose footwear with laces, buckles or straps to hold feet secure. Gladiators are perfect as they offer support by they're open. You will have to wear wider shoes and avoid tight constricting style for everyday wear.





We all get them, especially when we're guilty of wearing brand new shoes for the first time on an all-day hike through the mall or buying your hiking shoes the day before you go on a hiking trip.


Blisters occur due to friction on the surface layer of the skin and one warning sign is redness and warmth on an area called a "hot spot". Next, fluid fills this space to provide protection from rubbing and that's when you see that tell-tale bubble.


Always wear moisture-absorbing socks with sports or walking shoes and if you feel a blister coming on, use duct tape instead of a plaster over the spot - it lasts longer and protects better.

Apply petroleum jelly or powder on feet before putting on closed shoes to prevent chafing.


Small, unbroken blisters heal on their own but often the big jelly-like ones must be drained:


  • clean the spot with surgical spirits and sterilise a clean needle.
  • Pierce the blister at the edge and drain the fluid by pressing gently on the skin.
  • Apply antiseptic ointment and cover with a plaster until it heals.


Here are some common shoe hazards that are harming your health:



1. Heels:


English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm ...

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


High heels are super-sexy and do marvelous things for your legs but they throw your posture out and in time, can give you leg cramps and back problems. Limit wearing killer heels to special occasions or times when you can sit and show them off.


If you are wearing high heels through the day, doing calf stretches or going up and down on tip-toes 10 times can help prevent foot and leg stiffness.


If you only wear high heels on a daily basis, you will see that when you have to wear flat shoes for whatever reason - you might struggle to put your feet down on the floor completely. It seems like your legs hurt when you try to put your feet down.


This is the first indication that you must alternate your shoes every other day with flat shoes, because you are shrinking your muscles in your legs.


2. Pointy toes:


Squashing your toes into narrow shoes leads to corns and callouses, which are not only painful but ugly too.

English: high heels

English: high heels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Go for real leather shoes for more "give" and look for styles with cut-outs for air and flexibility.


Trim your toenails to avoid slashing neighboring toes.


Daily exercise, like picking up a pen with your toes, will help stretch them out and boos circulation.


3.  Flip-flops:


The best-loved footwear the world over are flip-flops. They're not nearly as innocent as they look and feel. As there is no support, your toes have to hang on for dear life and that can cause cramps.


Alternating with gladiator or lace-up sandals and contoured soles will give a bit more support for your arches and heels.


Keep your feet well conditioned with a proper foot cream.


4. Wedges:


Wedges and platforms are hot and happening, they're fashion favorites, but you need to tread very carefully.

The chunky soles of both wedge and platform shoes affect your balance and can even cause sprains. Try to wear styles that have rubber soles for shock absorption and a curved sole for easier walking.

5. Flats:

Although ballerina pumps and flat shoes look safe, they offer little or no arch support and your feet wobble from left to right when you walk, which affects your posture.

Thin soles of trendy shoes have no shock absorption and will eventually wear out your foot joints.

Use inner soles to cushion feet in pumps and get the shoe repair shop to add an extra rubber sole for comfort.


You must consult a podiatrist (foot specialist) if you have serious and ongoing foot problems as home remedies won't always work.

Over to you:

1. Do you have any foot problems or solutions that you can share with us?

2. Did I forget something that you want to add or maybe you have a great sexy foot exercise for us that we can try, please don't hesitate to share that with us.

3. Did you learn anything about your shoes and how they may be harming your health and was this article helpful?

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