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Singers, artist, bands, how would you like to have a FREE mobile app to vibe with your fans?

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singers vibe with fans

Take a look at those fans!!

Your fans

Any singer or band will agree that growing your fans can be one of the hardest tasks to do. Not because it is hard work, but because you must have lots of fans to be able to move forward in your singing career.

Your fans are the lifeblood of your singing career, no fans, no career - it is as simple as that.

How can you vibe with your fans?

Good news

Tunecore has a FREE DropKloud app that you can download on your mobile device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

How will this help you?

  • This DropKloud mobile app allows you as the artist to share any content like music, videos, photos and even behind the scenes videos at local venues.
  • By sharing exclusive content with your fans you make an emotional connection with them - connected fans will support you continuously.
  • You can drop content while your on tour, visiting the local bar or coffee shop, at your concert or gig and at your favorite hangouts.
  • Give your fans a way to discover you and share your story.
  • This Free mobile app gives you as an artist a unique way to vibe with your fans.
  • All of us can admit, when we take out DVD's, we love to watch the "gag reel", add your own funny behind the scenes video's and "gag reel" your fans, they will love it and even see "you are human after all".
  • And as a bonus, your fans can even save your klouds.

What else can you do with TuneCore?

This is just for fun, if you did not read the previous post on TuneCore, I would advice you to read it too. There you can find out more about the TuneCore advantages of self publishing your music with their Music Distribution where you sell and share your music worldwide through 150+ digital music partners, while keeping the revenue.

Take action now:

If you have not done so yet, click on

this link

and visit the TuneCore DropKloud and start using this FREE mobile app to vibe your fans.

While your there, remember to look at the bottom under Suggested Products & services for offers like TuneCore Music Distribution, TuneCore Track Smarts and Facebook Audio Recognition.

You will agree with me, creating your own music and selling it for yourself is allot better than having a contract with a record dealer - your singing career is in your own hands - ENJOY IT!

Over to you:

Have you tried TuneCore and found it to be as awesome as I did, please feel free to share with us your opinion as an artist (singer or band) and who knows, maybe by leaving a comment you might find some more fans.




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