Sleep and depression – what is the connection?

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 Is there a link between sleep and depression?

sleep and depression

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 Is depression a sickness?

Although depression is something that almost everybody deals with from time to time, it is one of the most misunderstood illnesses.

As a matter of fact, doctors have changed the way they look at this problem a number of different times.

Currently they consider it to be a long-term illness that needs to be cared for the long term as well.

Unfortunately, depression is not only something that affects the individual, but it also affects everybody that is within their world as well.

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Although there are some pharmaceutical ways for you to be able to overcome the problem, at least to a certain extent, many people opt for natural treatments where they are effective.

The connection between sleep and depression

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Something that may be behind your depression is the fact that you may be dealing with sleep deprivation, even if you don't actually realize it.

Most of us need anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep a night, although very few of us get that much sleep.

There may also be some things that are keeping you from getting deep sleep, even though you may be in bed for that period of time.

For example, most people feel that they are not affected by caffeine and other stimulants.

Taking caffeine or other stimulants in the evening might be keeping you from getting the needed deep sleep that will help to keep you from getting depressed.

Another reason why you may not be getting the sleep that you need is because of a medical condition that is known as sleep apnoea/apnea

Some people have their sleep interrupted on a regular basis during the night by sleep apnea and are never aware of it.

Dealing with sleep and depression

Before you read the following, I would like you to read this article Chronic sleep deprivation may harm your health.

Why did I send you there?

Because I want to tell you that if you are dealing with depression (and sleep deprivation is not the cause of your depression) - you might consider a bit of sleep deprivation.

Sometimes when you are at a very low and your depression seems to be at it's worst state, you just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. You don't want anyone to bother you and that is the reason for suggesting sleep deprivation.

The lack of sleep for a few nights in a row can stimulate different hormones in the body which may actually help to lift your mood to a certain extent.

If you are dealing with depression and sleep deprivation is not behind it, you might be surprised to learn that a little bit of sleep deprivation can help you overcome it. A lack of sleep for a few nights in a row can stimulate different hormones in the body which may actually help to lift your mood to a certain extent. Although it is not a long-term treatment for the problem, it may be able to help you to overcome a short bout with depression, simply by not allowing yourself to get enough sleep for a few nights.

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What are your views on sleep and depression?

Do you have any views to share with us? Feel free to do so in the comment box bellow.

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