Struggling with blogging?Important questions to ask yourself!

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Are you struggling with blogging?

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are you struggling with blogging

If there is one thing that is found everywhere, it's bloggers and writers who are trying to make a living out of blogging.

It's not easy, it's hard work and fame and fortune doesn't come overnight.

Now you already have a blog and you have a few measly followers and you are starting to wonder whether this is working for you, but read the following questions and answers and you might be surprised at what you can accomplish when you know where your problem lies.

If you didn't start a blog yet, you should take a look at questions 4 and 5.

Need links? Take a look at question 10!

The most important question you should ask yourself is

1. Am I willing to work hard?

If you started your blog with the idea that you are going to put up a few articles and the money will start to roll in, think again.

If you look at some of the following most popular blogs, you will see that they write awesome content on a regular basis and they have been around for many years (in no particular order):

Ramsay at Blog Tyrant


Darren Rowse at ProBlogger

Jon Morrow at Boost Blog Traffic

Neil Patel at Quick Sprout

Hanneke Duistermaat at Enchanting Marketing

Matt Banner at On Blast Blog

This is to name but a few favorite and reliable people that I follow.

But you are trying your best and working hard, maybe you need some help with some of the following:

2. Do I have time for social media?

There's no denying it, when you start going on social media, there are times when you spend your entire day on it and don't get to do much else. You should spend your time writing and putting up awesome content.

One of the most time consuming social media you can and must have is Twitter. Twitter feeds are quick and you must be there 24 hours a day, but how do you do that?

Get help:

1) I just came across a cool app called TweetBoss. It lets you manage your twitter account and get followers quickly.
You should definitely check it out, I think it would be perfect for you. Here's the link to TweetBoss (or you can click on the banner below)

Twitter Marketing Software

2) With Onlywire, you can publish your posts to multiple sites with the click of one button.
OnlyWire - Publish everywhere
Need  more information on social media, you can find some by reading the next step to taking your offline business online.

Also read how to grow your online presence significantly.

Don't have a problem with social media, but sometimes the famous writers block gets the best of you:

3. What can I write about?

a) For great help in knowing what to write about and how to create great posts, I suggest you read the following article by Neil Patel:

13 important questions to ask

b) You can use one of these great blog post idea generators when it seems like your struggling with writer's block or even if you are struggling to get an idea of a great headline to use:

generate blog post idea (when you follow through on the link, just click on the "generate blog post idea" - orange button)

or try this great content idea generator (sometimes the ideas it pops up are actually hilarious :-))

When you know what you want to write about, but you aren't that much technical, you need help with WordPress, the following question arises:

4. Am I still struggling with WordPress?

If you are struggling to understand WordPress and need some help, I would suggest you read the following articles:

become a web developer expert

build your own blog learning wordpress - here you will also find great advice on building your blog and even if you think you know everything, chances are that you will learn something new, best of all, the advice is FREE!

If you are still looking at trying to make money online and didn't start a blog yet, you must see the following question:

5. What can I do if I didn't start a blog yet, but want to?

You didn't start a blog and really want to, but don't know what to call it.

The best way to get great ideas come when you use this domain name generator. Type what your blog will be about in the yellow block and see which names will work the best for you. They also show you which names are available.

Get start-up ideas at how to start any type of blog.

Here are just some of the types of blogs you can start, but if you click on the link above "how to start any type of blog", you can click on the icon of the blog you want to start and get great advice right there.

ideas to start a blog

You can also read the following article how to take your offline business online and the follow up taking your offline business online steps to follow - but go through to the end for the best advice.

After you started your blog, what are you going to do with it?

This great advice on How to start a blog right now at "On Blast Blog" by Matt Banner is not just if you want to start a blog, but even if you are struggling with any part of your blogging career, you should definitely take a look!

There you will find:

Step 1: Getting started

Step 2: Setup your blog

Step 3: Learning WordPress

Step 4: Designing your blog

Step 5: Writing Blog posts

Step 6: Promote your blog

Step 7: Make money blogging

And that's not all.........sign up now for this limited time offer of proven blogging tips to build a profitable blog found at "On Blast Blog".

6. Am I happy with my theme?

There are allot of free themes available in WordPress, but you want your blog to be unique and like no one else.

I prefer the themes by Studio Press and you can go here: StudioPress Theme of the Month - Generate Pro Theme to find the most popular theme by Studio Press.

You can read the article I wrote in my excitement when I bought my first Studio Press theme.

7. How is my site's speed?

Site speed can influence whether your readers go or stay and your site needs to load fast.

You can find out if your site's speed is satisfactory by going to GT Metrix.

Here you will get a report on how your site speed is and what is influencing it negatively.

The hosting plan you chose when you first started can also influence your site speed negatively and that is where the next question comes in:

8. Am I happy with my host?

The host I use for my website is D9 hosting and I am very happy with them. It might cost a little more than some other hosting companies, but in the end, there's a reason. At D9, you get excellent service and quick response when you have a problem. If you take the yearly hosting, you save a lot in the end and get a free domain name.

You might also consider using WP engine for high speed, high quality sites, and if your using another host and would like to move, check out this special - migrate for FREE (Notice there's a difference - the one is for the monthly plan and the other for the annual plan - use special codes according to the plan you choose):

Migrate to WP Engine for Free + save 20% off any Personal, Professional, or Business monthly plan with code FreeMoveM. Expires 7/31/15.
WP Engine

9. I don't know how to promote my blog

Get the following resources absolutely FREE:

When you sign up for emails, you receive a report with 350 sales and marketing tactics. Even if you knew about 50 of these tactics, chances are there's still 300 you didn't know about.

You can also get another free ebook called Bigger Blogging Profits.

  • Click on the link and it will take you to another page.
  • When you scroll down past everything, at the bottom you will see a blue button that says add to cart and the amount is $0.
  • Add your email address there (for the book to be sent to you), you won't go to a page where you have to put in any banking or payment details, because this book is absolutely free.

10. Am I struggling to get links?

The biggest part of SEO is links and when you struggle to get links, your blog rating is low.

For more information on SEO and help with SEO, you can do some courses at Udemy, read more about that in this article about learn anything and receive a certificate.

When you leave a comment here on all-about-life-tips at the bottom of this page, you also get some link love where your comment is linked to the article on your site that you choose - so don't delay, leave your comment today.

11. Am I doing SEO right?

If you want to know more about SEO and you want a service that really works, take a look at Linkredible by clicking on the banner below.

Find allot more help

You don't have to do it alone and struggle all the time.

Read this post to find out where you can find a community of people building websites and helping each other.

From me to you

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