Autism, ADD and learning challenges

When told your child has Autism, ADD, ADHD or any other learning challenges it can be a bit daunting This post was created in partnership with eAcountable, all opinions are my own! For more information please read the disclosure policy. It is difficult to absorb the fact that your child might have some kind of […]

Homeschool solution: ADD,ADHD and special needs

When you homeschool an ADD,ADHD or special needs child or children, you will need some kind of homeschool solution to help you, so here it is: My story My son has ADHD and my daughter is a special needs child, so I am getting my fair share of handling these daily, because I am homeschooling them. […]

Homeschooling the ADD and ADHD child

This advice might help you if you are homeshooling a ADD or ADHD child, but everyone else can look at it too. As homeschool parents, there are many options for teaching our children. I have found the variety out there to actually be overwhelming, but few resources actually meet my needs. My son is gifted, […]


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