Autism, ADD and learning challenges

When told your child has Autism, ADD, ADHD or any other learning challenges it can be a bit daunting This post was created in partnership with eAcountable, all opinions are my own! For more information please read the disclosure policy. It is difficult to absorb the fact that your child might have some kind of […]

Homeschool solution: ADD,ADHD and special needs

When you homeschool an ADD,ADHD or special needs child or children, you will need some kind of homeschool solution to help you, so here it is: My story My son has ADHD and my daughter is a special needs child, so I am getting my fair share of handling these daily, because I am homeschooling them. […]

Activities after school for your ADHD or ADD child

Another post for those with children with ADHD or ADD: activities after school for your ADHD or ADD child ADHD (attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder) is diagnosed in children these days more often than any other disorder. Most children who suffer from this disorder suffer from attention problems as well as hyperactivity. Parents of these children are aware that […]

Treating ADHD the Natural way

  English: A child not paying attention in class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As you can see, This week I am concentrating on ADD and ADHD, this is another post called: Treating ADHD The Natural Way There is no reason for people suffering from ADHD not to have great accomplishments in life. Albert Einstein, Nelson Rockefeller, […]

Help for children with ADD and ADHD

As you can see I am focusing on children with ADD and ADHD this week, read more in this article about Help For Children With ADD and ADHD Other articles related to ADHD- acitvities after school, ADHD causes and diet, Homeschool solution ADHD,ADD and special needs, homescooling a ADD or ADHD child, ADHD in teenagers. Attention […]

Homeschooling a ADD or ADHD Child

This is another post about Homeschooling a ADD or ADHD Child (again, because my son has ADHD I feel this topic is very important) At the bottom of this post you will find some awesome free resources to carry you along the way. As homeschool parents we have many options available to us when teaching […]

ADD and ADHD causes and diet

ADD  and ADHD – Causes And Diet I am certain these tips will help to avoid medication, this is coming from a mother home schooling her child because he did not fit into the school system. (ADHD) It is sometimes difficult and tiring (know how the teacher’s felt), but rewarding to see the progress. Medication […]

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia in Children With ADHD

Stress, Anxiety and insomnia are feelings that are found in children with ADHD naturaly, it is not something they or you can control, but read on for some tips on how to handle it. It is another ADHD post in this all about life homeschooling tip or even tips for parents whose children are in […]

Ritalin facts for ADHD

The big question here is whether you should take Ritalin or give Ritalin to your child. Ritalin is one of the first medications that is mentioned when you hear that your child has ADHD. So let’s look at some Ritalin Facts for ADHD. At least 3.3 million Americans currently take medications to ease the symptoms […]

Tips to relieve your child’s ADHD symptoms

These are very important tips to relieve your child’s ADHD symptoms. WITHOUT MEDICATION. When you think of your child having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, do you automatically think of a lifetime of your child popping pills? Medication isn’t always the answer to treating ADHD, a neurobehavioral disorder that causes problems with attention, impulsivity and over […]


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