Easy homeschool art class

This is one easy way to teach homeschool art class If you’re anything like me, you can’t draw a good stick figure, let alone draw beautiful pictures. But, I must tell you, with this see the light shine art class, I’ve learned to draw some shadows and do shading. I even drew a bird. Although […]

Creative bottle art bunny sweet bottle

Another fun homeschool art project we call creative bottle art bunnny sweet bottle: We are making a bunny sweet bottle to keep sweets – to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. As I have mentioned on the flower art project my daughter has a great love for art. Most of the time […]

Butterfly art project

We had another fun art project: butterfly art What you will need for this butterfly art project: crayons (we used the big fat ones) (preferably) an old potato peeler bowl to put the pieces of crayons in blank pages to draw the butterfly pencil and eraser to draw the butterfly with scissors to cut out […]

Homeschool Project: Story Stage

We did a fun and educational homeschool project that I like to call Story Stage. What I did, was give each child 2 boxes and they had to build their own stage. I did not tell them how it should look or give them any instructions on how to do it. I just told them […]


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