Personal skincare evaluation

Skincare is vital – think about it – for years you are going to walk in your skin 5 Common Skin Sins to Avoid by 5 Common skin sins to avoid Click To Tweet If you barely have any wrinkles (lucky you), now is the time to start preventing. If you are showing any […]

Hair rehab

Hair rehab, give your hair much needed attention Are you suffering from bad hair day after bad hair day? It is never too late to give your hair much needed attention. Fine fly-aways, split ends and the frizzies can be symptomatic of your hair type but can also be because of the condition your hair […]

Blow drying curly hair with diffuser

Blow drying curly hair with diffuser does not have to be tricky When you know how to prepare your hair and how to use your diffuser, blow drying curly hair with a diffuser becomes easy and natural. First step to blow drying curly hair with diffuser Mouse or curl booster The first step you have […]

Lash Plumping

Lash Plumping is in these days. These days false lashes are the big thing, because it creates a great, sexy look for the eyes. But I have great news for you, You don’t have to wear false lashes anymore, you can get lash plumping by Lashem. If you are up to date with beauty products […]

Skin health expert

Your Skin health expert. The solutions-based strategy of Kate Somerville, founder of the renowned Skin Health Experts Clinic and author of Complexion Perfection, has made her one of the most trusted names in skin care. Kate cares deeply about her clients and is wholeheartedly committed to improving their complexions. Thus, it comes as no surprise […]

Health and beauty products

I have here a great selection of the top of the market health and beauty products, some suitable for men and woman. Health product no.1: These health products can help you if you struggle to loose weight, here are 7 odd foods that kill your abdominal fat, great for men and women: Go to the […]

Most beautiful you

Find the most beautiful you: To bring out the most beautiful you in this all-about-life-tipssite’s beauty tips, we must look at your colouring.   Did you know that, like you get seasons in weather, you get seasons in your skin tone? You can either be an autumn, spring, summer or winter.   Have you ever […]


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