Fun learning games for kids

Kids learn best when it is fun to learn, so what better option than to go for these fun learning games for kids. In this modern day and age we are living in our children are becoming more and more technologically  intelligent.  My son sometimes helps me when I get stuck on the computer and […]

Benefits of homeschooling

Before you start homeschooling, let’s look at the benefits of homeschooling. If you are already homeschooling, feel free to share some of your benefits with us. It is a normal reaction to want to do research on homeschooling before you start, I did. I sat an entire day in front of the computer searching for […]

Homeschool Project: Story Stage

We did a fun and educational homeschool project that I like to call Story Stage. What I did, was give each child 2 boxes and they had to build their own stage. I did not tell them how it should look or give them any instructions on how to do it. I just told them […]

Best school supplies, Best prices

For the best school supplies at the best prices, there is only one place to go:     discount school supplies “This post was created in partnership with eAccountable and is not officially a part of Discount School Supply or any other DSS brands. All opinions are my own. Post includes affiliate codes, see disclosure policy”   […]

Warning: only for the very smart,intelligent people

Sorry, sadly the mental floss store has closed – the links to the shop aren’t working. I did not want to delete the post, because there is still valuable information in it. Would you say that you fall under the very smart intelligent people? If you don’t, you would think this is very silly, because […]

Simple tricks to make the (four) 4 times table easy

It is allot easier to do the (four) 4 times table if you know these simple tricks: Be sure to follow the simple trick for the other tables as well, like for the six (6) times table, just click here. Let’s start with counting in four: I know everybody can do this, but it must […]

Simple tricks to make the 6 times table easy (math)

Follow these simple tricks to make the 6 times table easy The simple tricks to make the 6 (six) times table easy are not as easy as the tricks for the 9 times table, but I will try my best to explain so that the 6 times table will also be very easy: Again, this […]

Simple tricks to make the 9 times table easy (math)

Are you or your students struggling with the (nine) 9 times math table? When it comes to math, knowing your times table is one of the most important parts of being able to do math problems. With these simple tricks you and your students won’t have any problems with it anymore. You will be able […]

Teach children life skills part 7

After all that information on how you can teach children life skills let’s take a look at all the great benefits you and they get while they help you in everyday life Cleaning together teaches your child:   logical thinking organization product safety label reading cooperation   While helping you clean your children learn which […]

Teach children life skills part 6

When you teach children life skills, it does not have to take any time of your busy schedule, because when you spend time together, it makes sense that most of the teaching experiences take place right there inside your home or on any trips you take. Many of the activities that we do in our […]


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