Why my kids eat broccoli

Why my kids eat broccoli is mystery to me, but I hope you will find the answer in this post Most of the time kids do not like vegetables, and the vegetables they hate the most is broccoli, but my kids love it, I’m going to tell you what I do and then maybe you […]

How safe is your cupboard from mite?

Mite love our food cupboards, so how safe is your cupboard from mite? How do you know you have mite in your food cupboards? The clearest indication is that you have little spider webs in your dry food. I have seen some of these little critters, but don’t have a picture for you, they are […]

ADD and ADHD causes and diet

ADD  and ADHD – Causes And Diet I am certain these tips will help to avoid medication, this is coming from a mother home schooling her child because he did not fit into the school system. (ADHD) It is sometimes difficult and tiring (know how the teacher’s felt), but rewarding to see the progress. Medication […]

Greatest Diet tip

  This is the greatest Diet tip you will ever need. NO PILLS, NO REAL DIET, JUST A LITTLE CHANGE.   Ok, I’ve said it, DIET, because I know that is what you’re looking for, but let’s look at my definition of a diet, I’m sure this will make you think about dieting.   What […]


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