Easy homeschool art class

This is one easy way to teach homeschool art class If you’re anything like me, you can’t draw a good stick figure, let alone draw beautiful pictures. But, I must tell you, with this see the light shine art class, I’ve learned to draw some shadows and do shading. I even drew a bird. Although […]

Creative bottle art bunny sweet bottle

Another fun homeschool art project we call creative bottle art bunnny sweet bottle: We are making a bunny sweet bottle to keep sweets – to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. As I have mentioned on the flower art project my daughter has a great love for art. Most of the time […]

Home school art|paper flower

In our Home school art project this week we made a paper flower and I am going to show you step by step how to do it This was my daughter who started making these paper flowers, I seriously don’t know where she got the idea, when I asked her, she said she just thought […]


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