Homeschool Project: Story Stage

We did a fun and educational homeschool project that I like to call Story Stage. What I did, was give each child 2 boxes and they had to build their own stage. I did not tell them how it should look or give them any instructions on how to do it. I just told them […]

Warning: only for the very smart,intelligent people

Sorry, sadly the mental floss store has closed – the links to the shop aren’t working. I did not want to delete the post, because there is still valuable information in it. Would you say that you fall under the very smart intelligent people? If you don’t, you would think this is very silly, because […]

Simple tricks to make the (four) 4 times table easy

It is allot easier to do the (four) 4 times table if you know these simple tricks: Be sure to follow the simple trick for the other tables as well, like for the six (6) times table, just click here. Let’s start with counting in four: I know everybody can do this, but it must […]

Teach children life skills part 1

For some or the other reason, parents started thinking that it is solely the teacher’s responsibility to teach their children, but the most important life lessons, like to teach your children life skills comes from the parents. These articles on teach your children life skills are not only for homeschool families but for ALL PARENTS: If […]

Homeschooling a ADD or ADHD Child

This is another post about Homeschooling a ADD or ADHD Child (again, because my son has ADHD I feel this topic is very important) At the bottom of this post you will find some awesome free resources to carry you along the way. As homeschool parents we have many options available to us when teaching […]

Homeschool in South-Africa

More and more people Homeschool in South-Africa or are considering homeschooling:  Why more parents consider homeschooling is South-Africa:        Because Government schools became too expensive for most parents to be able to pay.       This happens because of poor class living becoming poorer and middle class moving down to poor class, as well as affirmative […]

Homeschool and online money tip

 The greatest homeschool tip according to me, is this one.  I Found Erica when I was still looking out to start homeschooling. I love this site. You might wonder how I can use homeschool and online money tip in one post. I’m going to tell you about a blog where you can get allot of […]

Homeschool road trip

Oh boy, did we have allot of fun on this homeschooling road trip day!! We went to Boskoppie, near Kroonstad in the Free State in  South Africa. We looked at all the lions and other wild cats they have there and even had the enjoyment of playing with some baby lion cubs. I invite you […]

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day|Time To Spare

Here is some helpful advice on how when scheduling your homeschool day you will have time to spare. When creating a homeschooling schedule, areas of instruction, student age, and family schedule should all be taken into consideration. These three things should be integrated to come up with a homeschool schedule that will benefit children and […]

Cool things to help your child

Some cool things to look at that will help your child are some products that you can buy for home or public school that will advance your child above the others. Here are some links to some important programs which will help your child(ren), weather you are homeschooling or not, I do believe they will […]


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