Learn anything and receive a certificate

You can learn anything you want and receive a certificate for it, here’s how: Rather want to teach something? scroll down and see how you can teach and earn money Don’t have the money to learn anything right now? scroll down to see how you can learn something for free And don’t forget to sign […]

Assess homeschooler progress

Where to assess homeschooler progress First of all, let’s get this out of the way – I’m not compensated or an affiliate of Varsity Learning tools. It’s another one of those awesome tools I’ve tried and believe that you will benefit from it. There are questions that constantly bugs any homeschool parent they are: Is my […]

Teach children life skills part 7

After all that information on how you can teach children life skills let’s take a look at all the great benefits you and they get while they help you in everyday life Cleaning together teaches your child:   logical thinking organization product safety label reading cooperation   While helping you clean your children learn which […]

Teach children life skills part 6

When you teach children life skills, it does not have to take any time of your busy schedule, because when you spend time together, it makes sense that most of the teaching experiences take place right there inside your home or on any trips you take. Many of the activities that we do in our […]

Teach children life skills part 3

In part 3 on how you can teach children life skills we discuss how your children learn and you save time The main thing you want to do while you teach your children life skills is to add them to your daily life as it happens, while both of you are home. You must simply […]

Teach children life skills part 2

To teach children life skills does not need to take time out of your busy schedule, as you will see in teach your children life skills part 2: As a parent you might feel unqualified to teach your children life skills and important lessons, but through these articles, I will show you how you can […]

Teach children life skills part 1

For some or the other reason, parents started thinking that it is solely the teacher’s responsibility to teach their children, but the most important life lessons, like to teach your children life skills comes from the parents. These articles on teach your children life skills are not only for homeschool families but for ALL PARENTS: If […]

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day|Time To Spare

Here is some helpful advice on how when scheduling your homeschool day you will have time to spare. When creating a homeschooling schedule, areas of instruction, student age, and family schedule should all be taken into consideration. These three things should be integrated to come up with a homeschool schedule that will benefit children and […]


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