Alleviate stress in minutes

Meditation will help you alleviate stress in minutes, now before you leave because you know nothing about meditation, read further. I know, you feel like your whole world is tumbling down. You can’t take all the stress anymore. How would you like to learn how to alleviate stress and take control of your life again? […]

3 small ways to slow down

In today’s speedy world, slowing down can be very difficult. At the speed at which things are happening with the internet these days, everything around us has increased, except the 24 hours in a day. If you think back – many years back – they delivered a letter by horse and it took weeks for […]

Teach children life skills part 5

The best when you teach your children life skills as you are living your life is that it doesn’t involve allot of time, you have to live, don’t you? Often you hear that you must spend quality time with your kids and then you must also be perfect at disciplining them, but also be loving. […]


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