Free learning program grade K-6

Rarely do you find this, a free learning program grade K-6 that is absolutely awesome. Teaching kids can be costly, for that reason finding a free learning program will benefit both the teacher and the learner. Let’s get right down to business, with the Essential Skills Advantage learning program there are allot of benefits: What are they are learning […]

Dyslexia insight

Let’s get a little more dyslexia insight another description of Dyslexia would be “a disturbance of the ability to read” So to get a little more dyslexia insight, let’s take a look at the symptoms of dyslexia: It is roughly described as Difficulty in reading as a result of a brain lesion. Similarly shaped letters […]

Improve your child’s intelligence

How you can help improve your child’s intelligence The best way you can help improve your child’s intelligence is to read to them and to let them read when they are ready to read themselves. Reading is the most important part of teaching, next to maths, because if you can’t read, you can’t do much […]


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