What would you like to learn?

We learn every single day and we are never to old to learn – it just gets more difficult, don’t you agree? But what would you like to learn? As usual, there might be affiliate links in this post, but you should know that you don’t pay more because of that, on the contrary, that […]

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day|Time To Spare

Here is some helpful advice on how when scheduling your homeschool day you will have time to spare. When creating a homeschooling schedule, areas of instruction, student age, and family schedule should all be taken into consideration. These three things should be integrated to come up with a homeschool schedule that will benefit children and […]


Starting Your Homeschool Public school: “this is too much homework !!” For some reason you’ve decided to homeschool. Congratulations, according to me it is the best decision you have made so far. It might be because you don’t like or agree with the curriculum of the public schools? Or maybe you don’t want your child […]


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