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This is the greatest Diet tip you will ever need. NO PILLS, NO REAL DIET, JUST A LITTLE CHANGE.


Ok, I’ve said it, DIET, because I know that is what you’re looking for, but let’s look at my definition of a diet, I’m sure this will make you think about dieting.


What is a diet?


In my eyes, It is something where you eat stuff that people tell you to, even if you don’t like it, just because they say it will let you loose weight.


You go on this so called diet and eat the stuff you don’t like, but you get tired of it or it does not fit into your lifestyle or budget anymore.


Maybe you lost allot of pounds and now you decide you are ok and go back to your normal lifestyle like it used to be in the “old” days, before this dieting.


And oh gosh, what happens? 


I can answer that for you, you pick up double what you lost.


What do you do now?

Do you go on that dreaded diet again, or do you try another diet?

Then there is another option to this diet of yours. You drink a diet liquid, pills or drops you add to water. You try everything on the market, some work great, others don’t work at all. But something changes, you can’t for some or the other reason afford it any more or they change it that you must have a prescription from the doctor and although that one worked great, you don’t want to go every time to get a prescription for diet supplements, liquid or drops. (Then not even to mention why you have to go to the doctor to get a prescription, did you ever think about that it is – because these things are bad for your heart and he must monitor you)



And now, what happens? You pick up triple the weight at record speed and nothing you do helps. You just see the pounds piling up.




There is another way of dieting, one works this one out for yourself, you don’t need a book or dietician to give you this advice, you stop eating. Just drink coffee to keep you full and so you get through the day. And then you will see, as soon as you have to eat, you pick up weight, once more. And can you imagine how unhealthy that is to your body, all your organs and what about your metabolism?




Why do I know all these things? I’ve been there, I have tried all three these methods, and every one of them left me worst off than I was before.




Now, what do you do?




1st: It will be good if you can detox, but not a must. There are lots of detox diets available, but you must be very careful that you don’t use a very strict detox diet because it can damage your body.I have a slimming clinic, where I did my detox in a sauna system, if you can find someone who can help you with that, it will be good, but if not - don't worry.




2nd:  You don’t go on a diet, you change your lifestyle. I DO NOT MEAN eat stuff you don’t like. I am adding for you a list of portions (very important).


I recommend that you eat whatever you like, don’t cut anything out of your daily diet, except unhealthy bad fat. This is the fat that is around the meat, this fat some people love so much, it is VERY UNHEALTHY.




How can I make such a statement of eat whatever you like?


Very brave, I know, but in general, everything God made is needed for your body to survive. All of it has essential vitamins and minerals in. So why must you cut them out. If you add them again, you get fatter again, so you must not train your body to get along without them and then all of the sudden you want to add them again, then it protests and you get fatter.




Super Duper Water: (warning: this can thin your blood, so if you find that your blood is thinning, stop using this water immediately or start using more moderately)


Weight and height are used in computing body m...

Weight and height are used in computing body mass index, an indicator of risk for developing obesity-associated diseases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




2l water


1 cucumber, peeled and sliced (medium)


1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger


1 lemon (medium, thinly sliced)


12 mint leaves


Combine ingredients in a jug, refrigerate over night.


(You can also use mint flavour clear green tea and add cucumber,ginger and lemon)

BUT THERE’S A CATCH! The portions, did you get the portions?

Where to start with your new lifestyle:

This is the life changing Diet tip I used:

1st: Eat something within the first half hour after waking up and drink a glass of Super Duper Water. I am sure you have heard of this, but if you haven’t, it is very important to get your metabolism going. Now look at what time you ate. Let’s say for this example it was 6h30.

2nd: From there you must eat something every 2 (two) hours and drink a glass of Super Duper Water - but remember the warning. So your eating program will look like this:


6h30 – first bite


8h30 – breakfast


10h30 – snack


12h30 – lunch


14h30 – snack


16h30 – snack again


18h30 – dinner


20h30 – snack (if you are not asleep yet)


Let’s have a look at what you eat these every two hours. Did you get the List of portion sizes?


6h30 – You choose one thing, let’s say nuts and eat only the amount set out in the portions and only 1 (one) portion for in between meals. (snacks)


8h30 - Breakfast: You eat 3 things, let’s say an egg, portion bacon and 3 provitas. (you can choose, but only 3 things, one of portion of each)

10h30 – snack only one portion of whatever you choose.

12h30 – Lunch: Again you eat 3 portions of what you want; you can mix and match again, but only one portion of each.

14h30 – snack again, only one portion of whatever you like.

16h30 – you guessed it, again only one portion of whatever you would like to eat.

18h30 – Dinner: Now you can eat at least 3 portions of fruit or vegetables, one portion starch and one portion protein (but remember to cut that fat).


What are the rules?

Chew your food very fine, I would say it must almost be liquid before you swallow it. As you chew, you must enjoy the flavors and textures of the food.

You must sit down to eat so that your body does not feel rushed to just get this food down.

You can eat whatever you like, just try to keep to the portions and then there is fat, oh ugly fat (I’m not talking about the fat around your waist), the fat on that piece of meat you want to eat. Please try not to eat it, but if you really crave for it, you can take one bite (not a mouth full) just to satisfy your craving. You will see after a while you won’t like that fat anymore anyhow.

 Why are you allowed to eat a bite of fat? Because if you crave for it too long, you will find yourself quitting and giving up on the discipline of eating healthy and then you eat allot of fat at once.

If you can in this change of lifestyle, please see to it that you get in at least 5 to 7 different kinds of fruit or vegetables; it will be for your own benefit. You do snack enough during the day to fit these in.

If you get in more olives (or olive oil), nuts and avo’s it will be great, yes, I know they said avo’s have fat in, it is true, but it is monounsaturated fat, which your body needs (this goes for nuts as well).

You will see, in the beginning you have to remind yourself that it is time to eat, then after about a week, sometimes quicker, your body will tell you that it is time to eat, this happens as your metabolism increases.

Now you saw, I said you can eat anything you like, does that include chocolate?

Yes, very brave statement again, because I know, when you eat a chocolate that weighs 100g, the next morning when you get on the scale it seems like the chocolate weighed 1kg. You can eat dark chocolate, but if you really don’t like that, eat 2 blocks out of a slab. Why do I say you can eat chocolate when they tell you not to eat it? Because if you don’t, you will crave for chocolate so much that you will eat a whole slab eventually, so why not eat only 2 blocks, then you will satisfy your craving and it won’t go sit on your hips.

So what am I trying to tell you, eat whatever you like, but KEEP YOUR PORTIONS SMALL AND EAT DURING THE DAY, AT LEAST EVERY 2 HOURS.

I even have an example from an ordinary diet, how you can adjust this eating plan to fit into what you do.

If you love hotdogs and you normally eat 2 hotdogs for lunch. Cut it in half, eat only one hotdog and then 2 hours later, eat the other hotdog. If you normally eat 1 hotdog, eat half now and the other half two hours later. If you like to buy a take away toasted bread, eat half now and the other half 2 hours later. If you like Russians and chips, eat half now and the rest two hours later, you get the picture.

Some people asked me how I lost so much weight, and when I told them I cut everything I eat in half and eat the rest 2 hours later, they thought I was crazy or I am lying, but it works. Why would you want to go buy allot of things that you don’t like and force yourself to eat them, when in the end you are going to pick up the weight again. It is not worth it.

What the about exercising?

It will be good for your body if you can exercise, just to keep your cardiovascular system going, but it is not necessary in this way of eating to exercise to loose weight.

But I would say that it will be good if you can start exercising.

A program where you dance is great, like Zumba, but you can even just dance to music that you like.

Why Zumba? Because you don’t feel like you are exercising.


Next time, I will share with you some exercises that you can do standing or walking, that builds your stomach muscles.


I hope that this life changing greatest Diet tip will change your life and self confidence. I it meant anything to you and you feel happy, please share.



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