who to trust if you want to make money online

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When you want to make money online,there are just certain people you can trust

If you look at all my posts on making money online, you can see that this is a big concern for me, because I am one of those people who got caught by a scam - or two (I am also lucky, I got my money back, but apparently this is not the case for everybody).

This is why I am writing so much about making money online, I want to prevent other people from getting caught and that is why I wrote this article:

Who to trust if you want to make money online

For buying your domain name or hosting your website, one of the following. (But I would not suggest buying any of these yet - read the post about where to start if you want to make money online first - click on link and the page will open in a new tab

If you click on the banner below you will go to Host Gator's website. I would suggest that you right click and choose that it will open in a new tab so that you can continue to read this article further. Don't buy anything yet, just bookmark it under a folder (maybe web hosts):

The links I am giving are things I personally also invested in and I did not feel cheated. So I am sure that you will also benefit from these.

I would suggest you read this article on taking your offline business online too. I am guiding everyone who wants to start an online business in a different direction than everybody else. This way it will not take you forever to get your website up and running and when you do get to your website - with all the knowledge you gain - you will not make as many mistakes as I did. The experience will not be as daunting for you either.

Remember to sign up for emails to ensure that you stay up to date with all the new articles that goes out - so that you don't miss a step.

The first place I want to guide you to if you want to make money online is WPBeginner:

(I am not an affiliate with them, which means I will not get money for guiding you towards their site - the reason I am mentioning this is so that you can see, helping you is more important to me than making money and I really believe these people fall under the category of who to trust if you want to make money online)

  • You can really trust these people and if you are still uncertain, just apply for their newsletter by entering your e-mail and click on subscribe on the first page. When they send you your conformation letter, they also send you a letter saying that you can ask them anything. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask - THEY REALLY DO REPLY AND THEY REALLY DO HELP
  • I wish I knew about them sooner, because setting up your site is quite a difficult task and the technical things attached to it is quite daunting. That is the main reason that with all the knowledge I've gained, I want to guide you in the right directions.
  • Even if you already have a site, you can go search for anything you might be struggling with.

Another place you can trust if you want to make money online is Cash Blogging Tactics - although I would now rather suggest following the taking your offline business online approach:

  • This is where my online venture started, that is why this also falls under who to trust if you want to make money online. Without this book I would not have a blog and I would not be starting to make money online. You can also see my previous article on Cash Blogging Tactics
  • The book is easy to read and guides you step by step on how to start. (Except for the fact that when you start from scratch you don't have a clue what HTML, URL and SEO means, but he helps you to understand)
  • After you paid it, you get it immediately in your inbox and you can start reading and working on you site.
  • You will see that you can upgrade to get the video's also. I took this option and I am glad, because I did the initial setup of my WordPress site from watching the video on the right side of my screen with my WordPress open on the left and doing what they showed me as they went along explaining.
  • I am not disappointed that I bought this book, if it was not for this, I would not have been here (and you would not be reading this)

Another one you can trust if you want to make money online is to buy I Blog - again you can bookmark this page and decide later if you want to buy it.

(Again I am not an affiliate so will not make any money off of you when you are buying this book, I am sending you to Erica's site for this book {there are other home school moms where you can buy the book from as well, but I bought it here at Erica's site})

  • After beginning my site, I needed some more information on growing and building my site and using it as a blog, and this book really helped me allot.
  • It is really affordable and you can trust them (and me) this book is worth the money through and through!! That is why they are also here where I guide you to who to trust if you want to make money online.
  • Even if you already have a site and you are stuck a bit, this book will help you with some technical things and there is allot about social marketing as well.
  • You also get the book in your inbox immediately after you paid it and then you can start reading and reading and reading ........


Another person to trust if you want to make money online is ProBlogger's Books, this one being 31 Days to build a better Blog:

Click here to view more details

Again I will advise you to bookmark the page and not buy anything before you are certain that blogging or building a website is for you.

For more information on ProBlogger's books you can go to my previous post on make money online.


An Affiliate program you can trust if you want to make money online

First, before applying for any affiliate programs, you must have a website. Again, you can click on the banner below and bookmark it until you are certain that you want to build a website.

You can also read the following articles:

Must you have your own product to start making money online?

10 reasons you will never make money with your blog

A great affiliate program you can apply for when your site is all set up and you want to start making money with affiliate marketing is share a sale.Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.com.


What must you do now?

Sign up for the emails, I will not send you spam mail and I will not give your email address to anyone. I despise spam mail, because with an overfull mailbox already, there is no room for spam mail. I would not do that to you either.

I believe that this information on who you can trust if you want to make money online will really help you, if you have any questions, please ask. I wouldn't want you to loose money, believe me, I know when you are looking at making money online, you don't have money to throw away. That is why like I mentioned before, I want to show you who to trust if you want to make money online.

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Some of the links may be affiliate links. This does not mean that you pay more for the product, it means I get a small commission which goes towards keeping this site up and running - THANK YOU!
It is safer to click on links, because then you know you are going to the right site.

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