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Just mentioning I am not an affiliate with them - just think they're awesome!!

What would you do if I told you there is one app that can grow your online presence significantly AND you will know everything that is going on on your site? Want to know more, read on.....

grow online presence

There is one thing you must do to grow your online presence significantly and that is to be everywhere at the same time - Day and night. Know the feeling?

You must

  • stay up to date with social media
  • share your posts and have other people share your posts
  • check your analytics
  • see how your social media sharing is doing
  • tweet certain pieces of your content
  • have a pop-ups for people to sign up for newsletters
  • know what is going on on your site

and, wouldn't you like to know where people click on your site?

Questions that may come to mind about this app that can grow your online presence:

  1. What is it?
  2. What can it do?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Can I trust them?
  5. How does it work?

Find the answers to all these question below.

1. What is it?

You who visit regularly would have noticed that I changed my share buttons on your left and you've been wondering where I got these awesome big buttons (speaking of sharing - don't forget to share this post - it's like a test drive for you to see how easy you can share).

350 marketing tactics arrow left

Why have I been waiting so long to share this with you? Because I first wanted to do the test drive on my site and make sure "it's good" before telling everyone about it. Verdict: It's GREAT.

Let me no longer hold you in suspense it is......:


2. What can it do?

With sumome, you are in control of so many things that I might forget one or two, but as you use it, you will see. Sign up for their newsletter and stay up to date on everything you can do with Sumome.

Some of the features mentioned below are free and some are on the pro version.

For email: List builder, scroll box and smart bar - FREE with upgrades available:

grow your online presence significantly

List builder - FREE:

This is where you build your pop up for people to sign up for your emails.

To design better pop ups, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. Here you also set behavior and display rules and with the paid version you can do AB testing.

By the way, when he pops up, feel free to sign up for emails, I promise you I won't send you spam mail and you will get lots of valuable life changing information for FREE.

Scroll box - FREE:

Here you can customize your signup form even more.

You also get a list of stats of how many times the scroll box showed up as well as how many people signed up.

Again if you upgrade, you get more features.

Smart bar - FREE:

It is the one you see above you that says like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and sign up for emails.

With the smart bar, you pick exactly how it shows on your site. You can choose to let it only show when a visitor scrolls up or down, or maybe you want it to always stay at the top or move as a visitor scrolls. How many times it should show or how many days apart. (So if you don't see it, you'll have to visit again)

You can choose to show a Twitter follow button or Facebook Like button.

Obviously, once again with the upgraded version you get more features.

For sharing: Share, Image sharer and highlighter - FREE with upgrades available

growing online presence

Share - FREE:

You see those beautiful big share buttons on your left that I mentioned earlier, this is where you choose them.

Here you also get a summary of the clicks on your site as well as top pages.

You can choose the services you want to be included like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, etc.

My buttons' size is set to medium.

You can choose whether you want them to be square, rounded or circle.

If you didn't share yet, now is a good time to do so. If you have, why not try another service and share again.

Image sharer - FREE

If you hover your mouse over an image (I would prefer the one at the beginning of this post 😉 - but no presure), you will see that you can share via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Go ahead - hover over the image and click on the Pinterest (P) share button - see, easy, I added it here for you, just in case you don't feel like scrolling up:

grow online presence


Feel free to try sharing another image (or the same one again) to Twitter and Facebook.

Obviously, once again if you upgrade to pro, you will get more features.

Highlighter - FREE

This is cool. Anywhere you see a phrase that you want to share, you highlight it as you would normally highlight text. (hold left mouse button and move over the part you want to highlight) When you stop, a box appears that gives you the option to share on Twitter or Facebook.

Go ahead, choose something you would like to share, highlight it and test this for yourself. (I think this is really cool, and you?)

Few phrases you can tweet (Just in case you don't find a sentence you would like to tweet):

To be happy in life is a choice. Choose right - be happy.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on-Robert Frost

It always seems impossible until it's done-Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world-Nelson Mandela

Analytics: Content Analytics and Heat Maps - FREE

grow online presence significantly

Content analytics - FREE

When you install content analytics you get "the eye" added to your buttons.

You use this to see up to where your page was read by how many readers as well as the percentage of readers that went up to a certain point on your page.

But don't forget to record the pages you want to analyse. You do this by clicking on the eye. Sumome tells you that you don't have an active campaign and asks if you want to set it. You just say yes.

Heat maps - FREE

This is one of the coolest features you must have.

When you install the heat maps the icon above (flame) shows up in your toolbox. Once again, you must set it to record on the pages you would like to analyse. This is the one that shows you where people click on your site.

With this knowledge you can know if you must move things around a bit on your site. You also know what people are interested in the most.

The result you get looks like this - you can see exactly where people click.

growing online presence significantly 5

 Sumome analytics:

To know from which social media you get the most exposure from to your site - Sumome analytics (For this you must buy Sumome Pro):

grow online presence significantly

3. How much does it cost?

You can install Sumome for free with the features mentioned above that are free, so no reason not to sign up and try it out.

Here are the upgrade prices:

grow your online presence significantly 6

4. Can I trust them?

Yes, million already do.

5. How does it work?

Go to Sumome.com, click on TRY IT NOW and they take you through the rest. Go ahead, try it now - it is super easy and fast.

grow online presence significantly 6

Was this post on grow your online presence significantly helpful?

Do you think that Sumome is as awesome as I think they are? Feel free to leave your comment below.




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