Want to look younger?

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Add this one small step to your skincare routine and

  • look younger
  • marks disappear or become lighter
  • skin looks refreshed

How to look younger and remove marks on face

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In this article we will discuss

  1. Aging
  2. Does your normal skincare routine look like this?
  3. What is this small step?
  4. How to use it to save money
  5. Can you use it below your foundation?

1. Aging

As your skin ages, it becomes thinner, more taut and it loses its elasticity.

This results in wrinkles and fine lines.

Due to the ageing process there is a loss of cellular capacity and decreased metabolic activity.

Your skin is made up of a high percentage of collagen, but the normal rate at which collagen is reproduced starts slowing down after the age of 30.

2. Does your normal skincare routine look like this?


You should start by washing your face.

Please, you must use a skincare product and not the same soap you use to bath with.

For Organic skincare products, click on the banner below:
Use products that suit your skin type.


Sometimes people confuse the purpose of toner.

Its not to get the dirt off you missed when you washed your face.
Although it does this, the primary purpose of your toner is to freshen.

It contracts your pores and  gets your skin ready for the next step which is normally a moisturizer or special product.

Drop a few drops of Toner onto a cotton pad and wipe your face, neck and V-line chest area.


Your moisturizer should fit your age and skin type.

Don't use moisturizer for oily skin if you have a dry skin.

The creators of the products specifically tells you what skin type the product is for, but you must know your skin type.

More on skin types next time....

I hope you use these three in your beauty routine, because this small step must be added after the toner and before the moisturizer.

3. What is this small step?

I think you already gathered that from the photo, because its clear what this product is.

It is tissue oil.

There are many makes of tissue oil on the market, but the most popular are:

Bio-oil (for Bio-oil's tissue oil reviews)

Johnson's Tissue oil (for Reviews about Johnson's Tissue oil)

Justine' Tissue oil (for Justine Tissue oil reviews)

I haven't tested the cheaper products that you find (like the one at PEP stores), but if you don't want to pay too much for tissue oil, I'm sure you can start there.

You can add tissue oil, no matter what skin type you is.

For instance, my skin is oily - tissue oil does not increase the oiliness of my skin.

Where to buy Tissue oil:

You local beauty store

If you want to buy it online:

4. How to use it to save money

Drop a few drops of toner onto the one side of your cotton pad (it will go through on its own).

When you use toner, use only the one side of the cotton pad to wipe your entire face, neck and V-neck (chest-area).

Some of the skincare experts will stone me for this one, because they want you to use a cotton pad for your left side, one for your right side, one for your neck and one for your V-neck area. (Why I ask - to use more toner and more cotton pads? So that you can buy more?)

Your cotton pad is still wet with the toner, so turn it around.

On the other side, drop a few drops of Tissue Oil on it.

Wipe your face, neck and V-neck area with that side of the cotton pad.

Very important: Use around your eye area!! In other words,use around (outside) the bone around your eye socket.

You will see that this helps you to

  • use less Tissue Oil
  • Spread it evenly across your face
  • You can't use too much this way, resulting in a oily mess

5. Can you use it below your foundation?

Yes you can.

By the time you got dressed your skin will be ready for you to add your foundation.

If you don't have time to wait, you start putting on your foundation, you will feel that it glides on easier and gives a more even look.
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