What really works for a spider bite?

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A Spider bite? The advice is everywhere, but what really works for a spider bite?

Ok, I'm not a doctor and I'm not a medical expert, I'm just a normal person - BUT spiders love biting me. (I've told my hubby "maybe I'm delicious." Of course, this is because of the law of cause and effect that they keep biting me - I'm so scared of spiders!!

what really works for a spider bite

My spider bite story:

We love to go camping and every time when we return from camping, there it is, bitten by a spider AGAIN.

I know the tell tale signs already:

  • Yellow blister in the inside
  • red around the blister
  • and if you see a red line going from the bite upwards you should seriously get to a doctor or pharmacist. (it is the poison moving through your veins)

This is not to scare you, but spider bites can be serious!!

Just recently, we moved to a farm - so it's like camping all the time - dangerous for me.

So, inevitably I got bitten by a spider here on the farm, we weren't even away from home.

But this time, it was different - the blister was huge and scary!! Have you seen how a spider bite can eat away the skin tissue?

Do I know what spider it was? NO, that is even worse. How do you search for a remedy for a spider bite if you don't know what kind of spider it was?

You could see, all over the area where the spider was working, the first bite still had allot of poison in it, the second up to about the third the poison got less and less and then there are just some little red marks where he kept on biting but had no more poison left.

Ok, I get it, he felt trapped and wanted to warn me if I don't let him out, he will continue biting me until I let him out, but why did he climb up my jeans in the first place? My conclusion is when I was walking over the grass towards the washing he climbed up and got trapped - he wanted to get out and started biting. He knew when I started scratching, he would get out.

What I used to do for a spider bite

This advice is found everywhere, who originally thought of it, I don't know:

  • Grate a bar of green sunlight soap (the old one you use to wash dishcloths with)
  • Add some hot water (from the kettle) and make it into a paste
  • Add some sugar and mix with the paste
  • put it on a piece of gauze
  • with plaster, put it over the bite
  • This draws out the poison

I have an airtight container with this ready made mixture and as soon as I see a bite mark that doesn't look good, I put it on quickly.

Does it work? Yes

Why am I using something else? You did not see this bite mark and sadly, I got such a huge fright that I didn't even think of taking a picture.

What did I do this time for the spider bite

So this was more serious than the previous bites, and although I have tested the sunlight soap version of the spider bite remedy over and over again - enough for proof that it really works, I got some advice from my mom.

I took that advice, because I got such a fright that I felt the sunlight remedy will take too much time - this poison must get out. (And she was a nurse for 50 years - I guessed her advice would be valuable)

New remedy for a spider bite:

  • Take Epsom salt and put it in a bowl
  • add a little bit of water (to make it into kind of a paste)
  • put it on a plaster
  • and cover the spider bite
  • Get to a doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible to get antibiotics
  • Replace at least 3 times a day

Did this work? Yes, now that it looks better, I took a picture.

The Epsom salt drew out the poison. Every time I removed the plaster, you could see how the Epsom salt was working, I could see where it drew out the poison every time I replaced the plaster.

spider bite after

From now onward

I will always have Epsom salt in my house and take it with me when we go camping.

How do you know you have a spider bite?

If you want to know if you were bitten by a spider you can take a look at these pictures (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted)

My advice

Share this with all your friends (share buttons to your left) so that everybody can have Epsom salt handy - just in case. Rather safe than sorry and prevention is better than cure.

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