What would you like to learn?

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We learn every single day and we are never to old to learn - it just gets more difficult, don't you agree? But what would you like to learn?

As usual, there might be affiliate links in this post, but you should know that you don't pay more because of that, on the contrary, that is why you get discount - enjoy it while you can.

With Udemy, you can choose what you want to learn and go ahead, learn away. You have a personal tutor who helps you through the course. The only question now is what would you like to learn?

These courses are on special and will cost you less than $50 - but the specials are only valid until Wednesday April 2, 2014.

If you missed the specials, don't worry, the courses aren't that expensive to begin with, although the saving of 20% is worth a bit.

Lean finance for startups - introduction:

Lean Finance for Startups
Save 20% on Lean Finance for Startups!
Course Description: Everything an entrepreneur needs to know about making money and finding investors.
Price for the week: $37 (Originally $47)


 iPhone photography Pro:

iPhone Photography Pro
Save 20% on iPhone Photography Pro!

Course Description: Learn how to apply professional photography techniques when taking photos with your iPhone. It's so EASY!
Price for the week: $29 (Originally $37)


The JAVA spring tutorial:

The Java Spring Tutorial
Save 20% on The Java Spring Tutorial!

Course Description: A guide to the basics of the Java Spring framework, including web programming with Spring MVC and Hibernate.
Price for the week: $31 (Originally $39)


2014 WordPress Guide: Beginner to Professional from scratch:

What would you like to leanr?2014 WordPress Guide : Beginner To Professional From Scratch
Save 20% on 2014 WordPress Guide!
Course Description: 2014 WordPress Guide-Learn WordPress Internet Marketing In This Course With SEO ,Website Optimization As Professional.
Price for the week: $37 (Originally $47)

Task analysis boot camp: What you need to know before design:

What would you like to learn?Task Analysis Boot Camp-What You Need To Know Before Design
Save 20% on 2014 Task Analysis Boot Camp!
Course Description: Document the user experience of your website, app, or product BEFORE you design with a task analysis.
Price for the week: $39 (Originally $49)


 Have you decided what you would like to learn?

Feel free to comment below and share with us what would you like to learn or what course you applied for. Don't forget to mention how easy it is to study through Udemy or did you find it difficult?

Thank you for sharing on social media as well.


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Some of the links may be affiliate links. This does not mean that you pay more for the product, it means I get a small commission which goes towards keeping this site up and running - THANK YOU!
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